The prince is dead! Long live the prince!

“The streets will run with blood but we will remember these days fondly. When the prince is dust and the fallen angel has been slain then you will pass into darker days, much darker than these.”
- A Prophecy of Cassandra of Indianapolis

Welcome to Indianapolis!

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say, “Welcome back!” No, a simple “welcome” will do for now. There is so much to do and already we are wasting time on pleasantries. However, I feel compelled to explain my little diversion. You see, this is not the beginning of a story. Nor is it the end. It is the beginning of a new chapter in the lives and unlives of the creatures that call Indianapolis their home.

I was introduced to the World of Darkness in 1995 by my gaming group who had been playing Vampire the Masquerade since the birth of that particular game. To put it mildly the game enthralled me and I have been an addict ever since. Like a vampire searching for vitae I have never been able to tear myself away from Vampire the Masquerade and later the rest of the World of Darkness.

Sometime in 1996 I ran my first chronicle. It was a simple story set in Terre Haute, Indiana about a lonely Salubri and a wayward band of vampires who found her. The story did not end well for the Salubri. It was never intended to. Her blood was needed for something more sinister, another plot brewing to the east of Terre Haute in the much more accommodating city of Indianapolis.

I ran many chronicles set in the city of Indianapolis and while each had its own particular type of story to tell there was always the city with its ongoing tale as well. In the beginning the city was a very simple thing. There was a Prince who ruled with an iron fist, a Childer who wished for nothing more than to destroy his Sire (the Prince) and a strange lattice of spiritual power that covered the entire city and focused on the monument circle at the center of the city. The story of Indianapolis grew from those humble beginnings.

The story of Indianapolis unfolded from roughly 1996 to 2006. Each new supplement to the game published by White Wolf added something to my setting and each new chronicle I allowed my players to play viciously in my sandbox without reserve. Why invite them in if I didn’t expect them to break a few things along the way? That wouldn’t be a very fun party, now would it?

In 2004, White Wolf released the core rule book for what we affectionately call the New World of Darkness. By 2006 I decided it was time to bring the story of Indianapolis to a close so I could focus on new venues and new stories. During a week of furious and almost nonstop gaming we brought the story to an end. The Prince fell, the Childer found his justice and the source of the lattice of spiritual power was uncovered and destroyed before something terrible could be unleashed on the city. It was glorious! Very few things are as satisfying to a storyteller as seeing a story that has been unfolding for nearly a decade come to an amazing conclusion. I was content and I closed the doors on Indianapolis knowing it was perfect.

The year is 2011.

My children have grown and have become avid gamers. We have spent a great deal of time with Dungeons & Dragons and other games (and we will continue to do so) but they have grown curious about the World of Darkness books on the shelf. As they were tempting me to reopen the doors on my favorite setting White Wolf made an announcement. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original release of Vampire the Masquerade they were going to be releasing an anniversary edition affectionately dubbed V20. I do not possess the willpower to resist so much temptation.

In Obscuritate Vivimus is a rebirth. It’s time to create new characters. It’s time to tell new stories. It’s time to live once again in darkness.

Indy skyline

V20 - In Obscuritate Vivimus

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